1. What We Do

amp&go is an end-to-end platform that connects influencers to the best brands from around the globe. So if you’re looking to work on campaigns with your favorite products, platforms, mobile apps or games, then we’re for you.

2. How Campaigns Work

You can apply to campaigns organically or we will reach out to you with specific opportunities. It’s really easy to find something cool that works for you!

3. How Approvals Work

Once you’ve found a campaign you like, you apply to it, providing details on why you would be a good fit, and how many posts you would like to commit too. All your campaign applications, and post approvals then happen on amp&go, making it really simple for you to dive in and make great content. If chosen for a premium or ads campaign, you will be pre-approved to work on it. Apply to your personalized campaign & submit your posts for approval as normal 🙂

4. How Payment Works

On a basic campaign, once your posts have gone live, you get paid for every metric that drives towards a campaign goal. That virtual currency is actually $’s, and you earn them based on your performance. On a premium campaign, we will coordinate a fee with you. Unlike other platforms or services, there are no hidden charges, all the earnings you generate on amp&go are yours. Oh, and there’s no waiting around to get paid, you can transfer your balance directly into your PayPal account anytime!

5. Your Performance Data

Here at amp&go we like to keep things transparent, so all your data is housed in charts and infographics. You can download it all too.

Platforms that Integrate with amp&go

Social Channels

Payment Processors

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